In 2013 I made a few planters to sell at Potfest in the Pens. The planters, made in the shape of large sea shells were made using grogged stoneware clay pressed into purpose made plaster moulds. After bisque firing each planter was decorated with a combination of coloured glazes and body stains rubbed into the incised decoration before firing to 1270 degrees C. This high firing temperature renders stoneware vessels non-porous and therefore more resistant to frost damage than terracotta clay that is usually used for plant pots. The shell planters, planted up with alpine perennials proved very popular. The following year I made a lot more (about 25) planters of varying size, shape and colours and sold them all on my stall at Potfest, Penrith.  I am currently starting to make more planters and I hope to offer a range of different sizes, shapes and colours for sale in the near future.