The OCEAN series includes a range of stoneware and porcelain bowls, baskets or creels inspired by the oceans and shoreline.

The KUBA series features large handmade vessels made in either black stoneware or glazed white stoneware body. Each pot is decorated with a collage of intricately patterned and textured clay inserted into a cut or tear in the vessels body. 

The ARCHAEOLOGY series:  A series of pots decorated with laminates of textured and patterned clay. 

The MANDALA series: New series of bottles and oriental styled pots with intricate incised patterns reminiscent of Mandala patterns found in Buddhist and Hindu traditions.  

STONEWARE PLANTERS: A series of highly textured glazed stoneware planters designed for indoor and outdoor use.

RAKU CREATURES.  Birds: These include large and small Puffins, Great Northern Divers and Cormants with exotic paisley decorated wings. Fish: A wide range of fish including cartoon Pufferfish, Trout, Clown fish and many other tropical fish. Whales: large and small sculptures and wall plaques.