The Archaeology series of pots were handbuilt using a collage of textured and patterned clay laminates. This process was an extension of a technique I developed for the Kuba series, but whereas the Kuba pots were decorated using mainly underglaze colours, I used successive layers of underglaze colour, oxides, glazes and gold lustre in the Archaeology series until the desired effect was achieved.

My aim was to create pots that are both vibrant and highly original, but that appear to be made from fragments of older vessels - rather like ancient pots dug up and reconstructed during an archaeological dig. My choice of decoration was influenced once again by my interest in tribal textiles, particularly Kuba cloth.  Kuba cloth is often woven for a special occasion, such as a wedding, but is then added to and embellished by others for subsequent family ceremonies. Over the generations the cloth becomes a family narrative, or form of archaeology. Each Kuba cloth is therefore unique, just as each of these pots has a unique combination of decorative patterns.