About My Work

Although I worked for many years as a research scientist I have always spent my spare time making handicrafts especially pottery. So my early retirement a few years ago (due to ill health), has given me more time to spend in my ceramics studio.  I now have work displayed in several galleries in the North of England and the Scottish Borders. For a list of stockists please click on the NEWS AND EVENTS link at the top of this page.                      

What inspires my ceramics? The natural world especially all things marine, traditional African pottery and textiles are also top of my list. I make large exuberant blue bowls that attempt to capture and convey the energy and movement of the sea and I am currently working on a series of smaller seaside baskets. Click on the OCEAN link for more details. My KUBA series of pots was inspired by the decorative patterns used in traditional African pottery and explores the use of layers of differently patterned clays inset into my pots, Click the KUBA link to see more. The ARCHAEOLOGY series experiments further with this decorative technique. Click ARCHAEOLOGY link to see more.  My most recent series of pots, the MANDALA series, combines the use of incised patterns in conjunctions with different glazes.  Click MANDALA link to see more.

I first became interested in beads whilst on holiday in Africa where fabulous bead work abounds. I realised that threading beads requires dexerity and therefore challenged the tremor developing in my hand due to Parkinsons Disease. So I started out making jewellery just for myself but this rapidly snowballed to include my friends and colleagues and eventually for a wider audience through craft fairs and galleries. Click the KROBO link to see examples of my work based on African Krobo beads. Click CZECH to see my collection using pressed crystal glass beads. For more querky one off pieces click the FUNKY link. To browse items available for purchase through my ESTY shop please follow the SHOP link at the top of the page.